Saturday, July 3, 2010

39 Bursts of Sassy

Oooh ...! Aaah ...!

Fireworks — who doesn't love them? They look, sound and feel like a whole bunch of happy exploding all over the sky.

This year as we look up at them, we'll imagine the sassy girl who loved them so much looking right back at us, watching the super-sparklers with that big, shining smile spread across her face.

Three days ago, in honor of Kimberly's birthday, we launched the 39 for 39 campaign. And just like the girl who never took just one day to celebrate, we'll be continuing the 39 for 39 party throughout the month of July. We're off to a fantastic start, all thanks to the generous support of people like you.

And — when you look up at the sky this weekend, exploding with happy colors and sounds — don't be surprised to see 39 bursts of sassy burning just a bit brighter than the rest.

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