Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something Sassy This Way Comes

The Kimberly A. Hansen Comfy for Chemo Foundation is almost six months old, and — wow! — what an exciting time it's been.

Thank you — as always — for your continued support of Comfy for Chemo. Much has happened, and is happening, and it will take more than one post to catch up — but we'll catch you up. Just some of the news and activities we'll be reporting in the coming days, weeks and months:

  • Roundup reports from the Teams LiveSassy who participated in Get Your Rear In Gear (GYRIG) events in Raleigh, Charlotte and San Antonio.
  • Personal GYRIG stories and insights from Kimberly's friends and family.
  • An artist's LiveSassy tribute to Kimberly.
  • New friends and supporters from our Facebook fan page spreading the sassy word.
  • A podcast interview with The Cancer Warrior on
  • Grassroots fundraising in Atlanta inspired by one woman spending time in her mother's chemo treatment center.
  • Little people living sassy and making a big difference on an all-kids Relay for Life team in Kimberly's honor.
In addition to the great stories above, we'll also be rolling out more opportunities to donate, be involved and spread the word about Comfy for Chemo, in the form of a stronger online presence:
  • Direct donations through PayPal — here on the blog, on Facebook, and even a widget you can put on your own site or Facebook page.
  • T-shirts will be available for sale in adult and children's sizes.
  • A comprehensive website — — is under construction.
It's because of the support of people like you that Comfy for Chemo has already made an impact and also how we'll continue to grow Kimberly's vision. So, tell us what you think — what stories do you know that you'd like to see featured here? What ideas do you have for raising awareness? What donation or fundraising ideas do you have? How would you like to become more involved?

Talk to us. We're listening.


  1. Wow! Sounds like there's a lot going on, and I can't wait to hear about everything. The direct donations function will be awesome. We'll all be sending folks there to spread some sassy!

  2. Busy, busy, busy! This is a great organization doing great things...all in honor of a great woman. Sassy lives!

  3. So awesome to see how this has progressed! I remember Kim telling me about her vision in the hospital after her surgery & never deamed it would go this far. As one of my best friends she continues to be a great inspiration in my life & I will continue to carry on her legacy. Can't wait to see what is next for Comfy For Chemo... And can't wait for Charlotte's Get Your Rear In Gear next year!!!!


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