Friday, January 22, 2010

Want To Help Spread the Sassy?

Kimberly's wish may have been to stock the oncology department at Womack Army Medical Center with cozy blankets, but her vision was to provide comfort to all cancer patients.

The 100+ plus blankets for Womack were delivered yesterday, with much excitement and even more love. (Sassy updates to come!) Hundreds more, however, have already been donated and will be directed to other military facilities — and people everywhere have asked how they can help in any way.

First of all: Thank you. Comfy for Chemo is overwhelmingly grateful not only for your support, but also for your continual sharing of Kimberly's story. As we grow, there will be multiple opportunities for all of you who have volunteered your time and talents. Please know how much this is appreciated — and, that we will update this site with needs as they present themselves.

How can you help now? The simplest way is to keep spreading the word. Send your friends a link to this blog. Tweet it. Post it on your Facebook page. And, if you're not following Comfy for Chemo on either of those, please take a gander to your left and click on the links.

If you'd like to donate, there are two ways to do so. Brookstone offers a deep discount on the n•a•p® Cuddle Blanket requested by Kimberly. 
"Cancer has touched my life and unfortunately, there probably isn't a person who in one respect or another hasn't been affected by cancer today," said Tanya Maxwell, the company's Director of Corporate Sales. "I was so moved by Kimberly's story and compelled to keep her spirit alive. There was no question I needed to act immediately."
To receive the $27 rate, contact Tonya's assistant Darla Wood at or 573.581.7777, ext. 6180. Blanket orders should be shipped to: Dave Nypaver, 20705 Abington Cove Drive, Porter TX 77365

Monetary donations — 100 percent of which go to purchase blankets for patients — should be in the form of checks made payable to Comfy for Chemo, and sent to: Lara Ryan, 13314 Queensbury Lane, Houston TX 77079

Thank you — so much — for your support.

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