Monday, January 25, 2010

Texans Live Sassy

Remember those days when you'd call friends the night before school, giggling, and say: "Wear your (insert-favorite-Tshirt-here) tomorrow! Pass it on!" and a whole crew would show up dressed alike?

Well, who says you have to outgrow that kind of camaraderie? That kind of fun?

Above all, that kind of unadulterated support.

Not the staff of Pine Forest Elementary (PFE) school, who declared last Tuesday, January 21, Live Sassy Day to celebrate Kimberly's life — and like true sassy girls do, wore matching Tshirts to symbolize colon cancer awareness.

Karen Nypaver, Kimberly's mother, is PFE's speech pathologist. She addressed the faculty by sharing a mother's message:
"Take care of yourself. Listen to your body. Get yearly physicals and be persistent with doctors if any symptoms are not improving."
The staff of Pine Forest Elementary, located in the Houston metropolitan area, will participate in the Get Your Rear In Gear 5K Run/Walk in San Antonio on March 28. PFE participants, along with family and friends, will be racing under the Live Sassy team name.

Live Sassy teams are also forming in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC's Get Your Rear In Gear events.

More information about Get Your Rear In Gear and joining TeamSassy will be updated here soon.

Stay tuned — as always, there's more sassy to come!

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