Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Time to Get Your Rear In Gear!

Last year, Kimberly formed the first LiveSASSY team for Raleigh's inaugural Get Your Rear In Gear event.

Kimberly (#546) "getting her rear in gear" with her 2009 Team LiveSASSY

Afterwards, she posted the following on her blog:
"I DID IT!!!  I walked the whole 3.1 miles without my wheelchair. I did take the wheelchair with me, however, I went ahead and just pushed it. Didn't even need it. I was so-o-o-o-o determined not to use it. It was a great experience."
So excited about the event, Kimberly immediately started talking about her 2010 team, even while nursing her sore legs and prepping for another week of radiation and chemotherapy. She wanted a bigger team and to raise even more money for colorectal cancer awareness.

Kimberly is not here to lead the 2010 team, but as always, her sass lives on. Three LiveSASSY teams have formed in her honor:

MARCH 6: Raleigh, NC
Captain Lisa Fellure

MARCH 13: Charlotte, NC
Captain Dana Webb

MARCH 28: San Antonio, TX
Captain Becky Norris

Click on the team captain names above to link to information about these event dates. You can enter to walk or run as a Team LiveSASSY member. Or, you can simply make a donation in honor of Kimberly's legacy and the spirit of living sassy. All fundraising goes to raising awareness of colorectal cancer, providing screening programs for those with financial barriers and creating support for those affected. Plus — 75 percent of funds raised stay local to ensure community awareness and improvement.

Participants will receive a t-shirt with the team name on the front:
T-shirt front
The back of the shirt will feature a message spreading the word about Comfy for Chemo:
T-shirt back
What an awesome way to spread the sassy word!

If you are interested in joining an existing team, check out the the city links at the top of our home page, or simply click a team captain's name above.

If you'd like to create your own Team LiveSASSY in a city near you, please visit the Get Your Rear In Gear official event site to find out how. If you do create another Team LiveSASSY, please contact Lara Ryan at laramryan@gmail.com so we can help you spread the word and get t-shirts to you.

Living sassy!

Any questions, ideas or even just cheers of support — please leave a comment below. We love to hear how you're living sassy!

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